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Big Cloud Development's main activity is the creation of websites: small; corporate or personal sites and blogs; online shops and web portals; Web 2.0 sites.

Big Cloud Development is Your personal web consultant. We always explain each stage of our work as clearly as possible in understandable and accessible terms. It is our priority to protect Your interests concerning the efficiency of Your presence on the global network. Please do not hesitate to consult us in regard to everything concerning Your online presence. We will be happy to be of any help.

Good price is not “a package with just a list of options for the wider public”, many of which You will not use. It is a combination of components precisely selected for Your website.
Good price means that You know what You pay for and You are positive that You need each and every element and function.

We assure complete transparency of the evaluation of each project. We always apply individual approach. And we work with You in order to find the most suitable elements for Your site so that they respond exactly to Your needs and fit in to the predefined budget.

All the information You provide us with during our cooperation will be completely protected. It will not be accessibly to third parties in any possible way without Your express consent. We can sign contract of confidentiality if You request this.

Our Services
We're Versatile

We offer all services related to design, development, support, update and advertising of Your website. We will transform Your idea into a real functioning website which completely satisfies Your goals.

We're responsible

We work in highly dynamic and constantly changing environment. This requires great reliability and high quality of the services we offer. All the websites created by us have unlimited warranty.

We're Punctual

Time is the only nonrefundable resource and therefore the most precious.We know how important it is that we strictly stick to the established deadlines. An example for this is the maximum time frame for accomplishment in case of subscription support- 24 hours since reception of the request.

We keep you informed

Contact with the client is essential. We give the opportunity for constant monitoring of the development of the project in real time. You will be notified about each shift of the status of the project. This is important not only for Your own personal reassurance that the project is developing according to the plan but also because this way, You can let us know in case You notice even the slightest mismatch between the current results and Your expectations.

Happy Clients
Project Completed
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Our Services

Developing websites
Big Cloud Development can offer You development of: personal website, blog, corporate website, presentation website, online catalog, online shop, news website, portal website, web 2.0 site, web based informational systems.
Redesign and Functional Upgrade
Web Technologies are constantly developing, offering more and better opportunities. This concerns the visual presentation of information as well as the functional range of every site. We can always offer You interesting new ideas and solutions for improving Your website.
The service includes:
  • data actualization (text, image, video) with maximum time frame for accomplishment- 24 hours since reception of the request (in all cases including holidays);
  • reliable hosting in data center of Your choice (Huston, London, Zurich , Sofia) with unlimited disc space and traffic for the needs of the website;
  • 24/7 monitoring of the accessibility of the website from 32 places all around the world;
  • weekly archive
  • recovering of the website from an archive- till 2 hours since the reception or the request;
  • free relocation of the website to one of our servers as well as domain transfer, which entitles You to 1 year extension of the domain registry period.
Having a website is not enough. It is necessary that the consumers of Your products and services can find the website. Regardless if You would like to generate many visits, to sell products and services or just to post interesting information, the website must be promoted.

When we develop or optimize a website, we are always led by the principle that websites are made for people not for browsing machines. We do not make a compromise with the quality of the information and the ways users access it in favor of the “attractiveness”of the website to the browsers.

We must point out promoting is a constant process. It does not end with using up the budget for the advertising campaign or with qualifying the website for the requested position of a particular search.
Internet Advertisement
The advertising campaign is an important part of the promotion of the website but it can be realized independently. This can be done in case You require immediate results and short-term effect (in most cases just for the period of the campaign). Independent advertising campaign costs more in the long run than the full promotion of the website.To a large extend the actions of the management of an advertising campaign are similar to the actions of promoting the website. We mean the stages of the investigation, planning, analyzing and modifying.

There are many types of advertisement on the Internet. There are much more opportunities than the advertising platforms of Google and Facebook. Sometimes, the precisely selected thematic sites for advertisement or the appropriately managed email marketing can bring more quality visits on much lower price. A part of our job is to find the best solutions for You, prepare effective target pages (the so called “landing pages”), the suitable advertisement messages and make the best out of the budget You defined. We achieve this by the constant monitoring of the campaign, analysis of the generated data and adequate reaction to each change.

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